WalkAbout 18… A Flight to the Lady…

We woke up early and drove north from Brisbane.
Our destination is a small airport, where we will catch our plane to Lady Elliot Island.
Lady Elliot is a coral cay on the southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef.
This island very small and just manages to fit a Light house, a small eco resort with a landing field on it.
The flight was smooth but Wow, the landing on the grass airstrip was pretty harrowing.
But we made it down in one piece. Wheww !!
We unloaded our gear into our hut and proceeded to have an excellent day of snorkleling along the reef that surrounded the island.
It was the beginning of nesting season for many varieties of seabirds. The island was swarming with thousands of them.
We thought there was alot but people told us that it was just the beginning and many more would show up in the next week or so.
Glad we arrived when we did.
At the end of the day we enjoyed a few drinks and an extrordinary sunset.
It was a beautiful evening with a full moon. With the amazing full moon and the seabirds flying all over. It made for a unforgettable surreal experience.
We snorkeled the amazing reefs in the next morning and flew back to Brisbane in the afternoon.
The take off was another harrowing adventure with plane lifting off the ground right as the strip dead ended into the ocean.
This beautiful and fun experience on the Great Barrier Reef just wetted our appetite for more… We will definitely be back !!!



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