Summer 19… Off Roading in Colorado…

Finally had a chance to try out my new truck on some really Cool Mountain trails.

Kinda started out on an easy trail up around Breckenridge,Co.

Bald Mountain Trail is rated Moderate but it was pretty easy trail.
We had several switchbacks but nothing to challenging.
There were several hikers and one guy that had rode a mountain bike up to the top and was riding back down !!

I am not sure how anyone could ride a bike up that trail at 12,000 + ft !!! Amazing !!
He was followed by his wife who had run up the trail and was also headed back down !
Amazing !!

The next trail was rated as easy, but we found out that it should have been rated as moderate.
Hagerman Pass Road is out of Leadville, Co. and it was an fun and challenging road, with a beautiful lake and some great views
We where having guests visit and my wife and I rode a few miles up the pass just to make sure it would not be too much for them.

And it looked pretty easy.


Well when we finally took our friends up the trail we were surprised to see how much more difficult the trail became after we passed our turn around.
Very rocky and steep with some places I had to get out of the truck to get the right approach.

We did finally reach the summit and were greeted with some outstanding views.
We also parked by a motorcycle that was sitting there with with no one in site.
I wondered how anyone could ride a motorcycle up and down such a rocky and steep trail.
Before we left, we were passed by 3 motorcycles that had come up from the other side and were headed back down.
Incredible !!

At the bottom of the trail we talked with the owner of the motorcycle who was sitting in a jeep with a broken ankle that he suffered riding down.

Riding up and down these mountain trail is hard enough in a 4×4. I really do not see how these guys do it on motorcycles without getting hurt in the process.

His friend hitched a ride up and rode the motorcycle back down.

The last trail was one we partially ran in my jeep last year..
It’s called Mosquito Pass and it runs from Fairplay, Co to Leadville.
This one is labeled as Moderate and it definitly meets that criteria.

Over 13,000 ft, a rocky, twisting, challenging trail with old mining ruins and terrific views along the route.
It is a tough and fun ride, miles of skinny mountain road with rock walls on one side and a cliff on the other.

Very cool and a little scary.
Especially when someone is coming the other way !!

My Ram Truck performed like a champ. It ran up and down these trails with ease. Really looking forward to more challenges.

Next Stop… Sturgis…

Later… RoadGliding…

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