Quick Trip out West… RoadGliding…

Quick Trip out West… RoadGliding…
We normally take several months in the summer to visit Colorado, to get away from the heat !!
However, due to the current situation (It Sucks), we just went for a few weeks, but luckily, we still managed to have a great time.
On our way to Copper Mtn, we stopped in Dodge City, a good place to stop because it has the only open Casino in western Kansas !
It would have been more fun if we had won !!.
Next Day we drove to Copper Mountain in Colorado and stayed there for a week. We love this area, with Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail and Lake Dillon so close, there are a million cool outdoor things to do, and believe me, we took advantage of as many of them as we could.
During our stay, our new Electric bikes were the most fun. You really gotta try out one of these. They are really cool !!
We were able to go farther and up hills that we would never be able to do without walking the bikes.
You still get exercise, but with the electric assist, you can enjoy the ride instead of killing yourself. Pretty Freakin Cool !!
Along with biking, we did a lot of hiking, and kayaking. Kayaking on

 Lake Dillon was a bunch of fun. So we are going to have to buy a couple of kayaks for our next trip.
Hiking is free, but Kayaks are really expensive to rent !!
After a great week in Copper Mountain, we left for Durango for a few days. Did some serious shopping and drove the Million Dollar Parkway to Silverton and Ouray.

Last stop was Moab, Utah.
Colorado was nice and cool but Moab was really hot. One day while we were in Canyonlands National Park, it hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hot Hot Hot !!!
Luckily our hotel had a really nice pool
We were able to Tube down the Colorado river, which flows thru some of the coolest red canyons you’ve ever seen.
The next day we went Off Road in Canyonlands National Park, on the White Rim Trail. It’s a 100 mile road that wanders through the Park.
To ride the whole route. It will take at least 2 to 3 days, so we will be doing some camping next time we come.
We will be sure to try this in the fall or spring when it’s not 117 degrees.
Well it looks like we gotta get back home.
Since the world is going crazy, it seems like a good time to get things done around the house.
Gonna get our kitchen redone. Trying for a 60’s vibe.
We usually go to Sturgis in August, we first met there 10 years ago!
We probably won’t make it there this year.
You know Why !
We will celebrate somewhere
We’ll let you know !!
Later … RoadGliding…

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