RoadGliding…Summer 19… Great Ride to an Old Friend…

RoadGliding…Summer 19…
Great Ride to an Old Friend…

We had a fantastic ride to Salida. Even though it was really hot on the last hour or so.
98 degrees Fahrenheit !
Whew… That was a scorcher !!!!

Finally we pull into our hotel and kick back for a few.

This hotel was modeled after something you would see on Route 66.
Small mom and pop joint with an old Studebaker parked out front of the Office. Along with 2 old gas pumps that were really electric chargers.
Pretty Cool !
And to top it off they had a old time Neon Sign out front, just like you were riding on Route 66.

After we washed off the road dust, I contqcted my friend and we set off for downtown Salida to check out some of the cool shops in thier Art Distirct.

The Arkansas river runs along the north end of the town and there is a great restaurant that sits right on the bank.

What’s really neat about is that the current there is really fast and there are alot of people rafting, boogie boarding, and paddle boarding.
Right next to were we were eating !

It was really great seeing my friend again.

We haven’t seen each other in over 30 years. We went to the same elementary school and later traveled around together for many years with a band.
After the band broke up we lost touch until we reconnected on Facebook.

I am looking forward to doing some offroading with my new truck. Gonna start easy and work up to some really difficult trails

Can’t wait till our Sturgis trip begins.
Should be riding for two weeks on our bkes
Really looking forward to it

There is a lot of great rides going to and around Sturgis !
Check out my Website
for more cool Rides

Later… Roadgliding…

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